We create state-of-the-art web solutions
We have been in the business of creating complex on-line SaaS (software as a service) applications for over 10 years, and each day thousands of users login to applications we have developed. PepperTag is currently leveraging technologies across a few product offerings involving meta-data management, on-line data storage, e-publishing, ONIX XML standards, and transactional payments.
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We provide consulting services
With the company roots having evolved from business and technology consulting, PepperTag continues to offer a wide variety of advisory services. We maintain a professional and dedicated approach to helping our clients achieve their corporate goals, with our assistance ranging from the smallest of jobs to extensive involvement with long-term projects.
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We are looking to become valuable business and technology partners
At PepperTag, we strive to form a strong and long-lasting partnership with your organization in order to provide innovative solutions in an evolving digital marketplace. We are willing to invest the time and hard work required to bring great ideas to fruition in the form of new products or services in the publishing space.
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